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Here are various students who download similar essays via the internet there they are available for public to utilize. The union’s argument — which much of the press dutifully reports as if it is another of those on-the-one-hand/on-the-other-hand issues — is that if LIFO wasn’t there to protect teachers, the most senior teachers would be fired first so that the principals could save money.

There is not only rampant cheating” out there-with students paying ringers to compose their essays (or to whitewash their fledgling efforts beyond recognition), but also there is way too much gray area when it comes to what is ethical and what is not.

In other words, if you write a generic essay to send to all your college search choices, and it is clear to the admissions officer reading your essay that you have not paid attention to what they wanted to see in the essay (subject, length, structure, etc.), your application will be denied simply because it is clear that 1) you cannot follow instructions or 2) you didn’t care enough about applying to their institution to follow their instructions.

College Decision Reactions 2016 (Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and more)

Final words of advice are to consult your instructor or teacher if you have any queries about the essay because there are things that you should be very careful of while writing an essay, like format, structure, organization, flow of the essay, thesis statement, hooks etc because final grading will be done by your teacher.

It’s about demonstrating through deeply rich stories and examples that your student’s life is full of both emotionally intense hardships and incredible marks of personal achievement Telling stories that elicit strong emotions of empathy, admiration and curiosity are what make a lasting impression to any reader including the admission officers.